valentine's day gift guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


I’ve been anxiously waiting for February to come so I can officially release my 2015 Valentine’s Day gift guide.  I’ve searched high & low the past month to find the best gifts perfect for a holiday that is all about love! To some, Valentine’s day may not be a big deal, but I think it’s important to show the ones we love how important they are to us not only this one day each year but everyday! ❤


DeBrand Chocolates

The #1 most common, thought of gift for Valentine’s Day is chocolate!  I’ve basically became a chocolate expert the past year or so and these are the real deal & worth every single calorie.  I love DeBrand because they use the purest, natural, fresh ingredients possible, make every batch from scratch and have a huge variety.  My favorites: 2015 Heart Box (popular assortment), the box itself is beautiful and is filled with their most popular flavors, both dark & milk chocolate included. If I had to pick my favorite (I can never narrow down just one!) I’d choose the Vanilla Butter Cream, it’s rich & creamy butter cream covered in milk chocolate, AMAZING! Or the Rose Carmella, soft, liquid caramel, a hint of rosewater and milk chocolate! My other favorite pick this year is their Popular Assortment 12 piece Truffle Collection. Milk chocolate, black & white, raspberry, coconut, key lime pecan, macadamia hazelnut, I am addicted! ❤


Compelling & Rich Coffee

Personally, I think that coffee is a great gift all year around. What person do you know that doesn’t appreciate that extra kick of energy every morning, ESPECIALLY in the winter!? I chose two blends from Compelling & Rich, a Los Angeles based company that strives to create the freshest coffee possible while always maintaining quality. Their mission is simple, offering only small batch selectively sourced single-orgin of the highest quality. The easiest way to tell if the company only sells locally fresh coffee, see if it’s available all year around. High quality + delicious + caffeine, what more could you want? This is a great gift that will be loved by all. ❤


Cake Chicago Squares Assortment

I always thought my favorite brownies were from a popular NYC bakery (not going to mention any names) until I tried Cake Chicago’s fair & square blondie.  The combination of browned-butter, salted pecans & butterscotch chips create a delicious, chewy, brownie so rich in flavor, you will be instantly satisfied. The unique squares assortment also includes, cuadrado brownies (this was my second favorite) it is a subtly spicy mexican chocolate brownie that’s both smooth & fugdy. Rich chocolate + subtle spice = heaven! E=mc2, an espresso brownie with caramelized cacao nibs. Lastly, the square one brownie, your typical standard brownie, light, fudgy chocolate and a crispy top. These will easily satisfy your sweet tooth & definitely have you rethinking where your favorite brownies are from! ❤


Temple Spa Quietude

Valentine’s day is all about showing your love, passion and commitment to the one you love. And what better way to do so than the gift of relaxation!?! Life gets kind of crazy sometimes and we don’t always take the time to pamper ourselves, go to a spa & relax.  I love high quality products I can use in the comfort of my own home that create a spa experience and help me relax & unwind on a daily basis. The Quietude calming mist allows for just that, it’s a blend of relaxing essential oils that will easily induce a feeling of peace & calm. The warming fragrance includes notes of lemon, rosemary, juniper oil, lavender, eucalyptus oil and a few others creating a great product that can be used on both your body & space. I spray a little bit on my pillows & bed every single night for an instant stress free environment & refreshing scent. In love! ❤


Super Love Tees – Go Be Love Sweatshirt

While most women are getting dressed up and going out to a fancy restaurant, I will be relaxing at home with my husband & my son in my comfy sweatpants & “go be love” sweatshirt, while cooking and watching movies.  I am not into the crowds & long waits, so we will probably post-pone our night out until the following night. Since I wanted to at least show a little bit of effort for the big day, I decided to wear something “love” related, which led me to Super Love Tees! They have the biggest selection of love inspired shirts, sweatshirts, tanks & pants.  My warning to you, you will spend a while on their site and find a bunch of shirts you will want and probably spend a lot of money. 😉 Their fabrics are eco-friendly made of 50% cotton & 50% recycled polyester.  The sweatshirt I got is super soft and super comfortable, you won’t ever want to take it off! ❤


DESTINY Pink Moscato – Ruby 

Even though I won’t be enjoying any alcohol this Valentine’s Day, this bottle has my name on it for next month! I am not a big drinker, and only love fruity, sweet drinks and this fits the bill. The light taste of peaches, red berries & exotic lychee create a floral aroma and refreshing drink.  It’s pink, comes beautifully packaged and is the perfect alcohol choice for Valentine’s day! DESTINY is able to maintain their unique sparkling wine quality taste by importing Muscat Blanc grapes from Napa Valley and handling every single grape with care. Their website offers a few different cocktail recipes using both their Diamond & Ruby Moscatos. The Ruby Frozen Pink Bellini is my first choice.  Fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, Italian soda, sugar, fresh mint & pink moscato… Refreshing! ❤


Stella Valle – I Am Bracelet

Engraved with “I Am Strong Confident Courageous Passionate.” An encouraging reminder to always love ourselves. Not only do I love the entire Stella Valle gorgeous jewelry line, but their inspiring story as well. Sisters Ashley & Paige, retired military veterans designed their line for “strong, creative women who chart their own path, lead their own lives, and create their own history.” Any company that inspires women and encourages them to push through obstacles and strive for excellence is always a great, positive thing to see and easy to support! I saw their Shark Tank success story on TV and have been obsessed with their jewelry since! Their line is edgy, elegant and sophisticated. And if I had the money I would probably buy almost every single piece they’ve designed. I love their style, creativity and passion! ❤


The Baked Equation – Kate Spade Themed Cookies

I’ll admit, if I had to pick a favorite gift this year, this would probably be it.  These are the most beautiful cookies I’ve ever seen. More importantly, they taste even better than they look! I know, as beautiful as they are it’s hard to believe! Every single cookie is made using high quality ingredients (80% organic), tons of time & detail and lots of love.  I’d be lying if I said they lasted more than two days in my house. We were addicted after the first bite. 🙂 Their treats can be mixed & matched to customize any order and they offer things for any occasion you can think of. Hands down the most beautiful looking AND tasting cookies you will ever find! ❤


Ellies Bakery – French Macarons

If you’ve never tried a french macaron, stop reading this right now and go find a bakery that makes them! My first time ever tasting one was at a popular New Orleans bakery, and I’ve been in love since.  They aren’t something I get to eat often so it’s always a treat when I do.  This specific collection was made especially for Valentine’s day and has a delicious variety of flavors from Strawberry Rose & Champagne to Red Wine & Pomegranate, don’t even ask me to pick my favorite because it’s too tough to judge! ❤


Sweet Revolution Maple Honey LOVE Caramels 

I mentioned Sweet Revolution in my Christmas Gift Guide and loved them SO much I decided I couldn’t leave them out of my Valentine’s day gift guide!  These are the same, delicious caramels but this time include a handmade chocolate heart. A nice surprise for an already deliciously sweet gift! All of their candy & caramel sauces are made in small batches using only natural ingredients, no sugar, corn syrups or preservatives. I’ve tried a bunch of different caramels over the past few months alone, and these are definitely my favorite. Like last time, they were devoured in like a day and loved by my entire family! ❤


The Fox and Me – Modern Gold Triangle Druzy Necklace 

Last, but certainly not least, beautiful jewelry! Sparkling gray/black druzy Quartz edged in 24k Gold. So glamorous, what’s not to love? All items have a modern edge, are unique and handmade in California. Oh and this necklace happens to match the Stella Valle bracelet, so it would pair together perfectly and be adored by even the pickiest of recipients! I love The Fox and Me’s collection, it’s super affordable and so versatile. Their pieces can easily be dressed up or down depending on your outfit and work well for any age. Their necklaces are so unique and aren’t like anything you will find in stores. I’ve worn mine with just a plain back shirt and with a dressy shirt to work and it never fails to draw attention and compliments! ❤

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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